Blackthorn Trust is a registered charity providing holistic, life enhancing opportunities for people with mental health and chronic pain conditions. We have created a social-therapeutic environment where people can recover through nurture, healing and growth.

We offer specialist therapies and a range of workshops within our tranquil grounds in Maidstone. Our site includes a large biodynamic garden, a café, charity shop, craft studio and therapy rooms.

Our anthroposophical approach is based on more than 30 years of experience, that more than medication is required to affect positive change.

“In the free resolve of your heart, Take your own life in hand”

Rudolf Steiner
Austrian philosopher, social reformer and founder of the principles that Blackthorn Trust is based upon


In our programmes, nurturing plays an important role in recovery, getting well and staying well! It is a gentle, but dedicated and consistent endeavour to help replenish a person’s forces and resources – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
A warm welcome and an experience of acceptance at Blackthorn is as nourishing as a good wholesome soup in our café at lunchtime.
In our workshops and therapies, each person is supported in their learning and development refilling their reservoir of life energy, confidence and self-esteem that is often depleted.


Within ourselves and within the natural world we can observe a remarkable capacity for healing. This delicate, yet resilient process of repair strives to restore and recover our wholeness. It can take us on a journey of discovery and learning, not to return us to where we were but to open new horizons and perspectives.
Healing is activated from within and will take its course, once set in motion and given a chance. Part of healing and recovery is making a choice, a decision to find a new way forward and to open to change. This takes courage and will!
All our programmes and activities offer the support and opportunity to learn, develop and change towards a more fulfilled life and greater wholeness.


There are seasons to growth and everything has its time.  All growth needs sun, light, water and soil.
The warmth of the community with people who see and understand and care is like the sun!
There is the light of engaging with meaningful, practical and creative activities, be it in our garden itself, or with our craft projects and workshops.
We need water to move forward to new perspectives and to bring change and empowerment to make new choices.
Confidence building gives us the soil for inner ground and stability to meet the world and our challenges.