Our Garden

Our biodynamic garden provides the setting for our gardening and herb workshops. Bio-dynamic gardening draws upon the work of Rudolf Steiner, emphasizing the use of manure and compost rather than artificially created fertilizers. In addition, plants are grown in accordance to the astrological calendar.

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Our gardener would often say that nature is the best therapist. Sunshine and rain, feeling the wind and digging the earth all nourishes the senses and reconnects us with our life forces. The beatify of the flowers are like a medicine for the heart and soul, bringing the gift of inner calm and tranquility.

The benefits of the garden are not limited to our services users, as it is open to the public 10am to 3pm, Monday to Friday.

In 2017 we began fundraising for a new Healing Garden, kindly designed by our Landscape Architect, Marian Boswall which is now well-established.

Click on this link to watch Marian describing her vision back in 2018: