Blackthorn Trust is a Maidstone-based Health and Community Hub in which people can recover, grow and develop.

Founded over 30 years ago, the pioneers Dr David McGavin and art therapist Hazel Adams recognised the important role of community and environment for healing and recovery. While we continue to develop and evolve, our primary aim is to support local people with physical and mental health conditions

Our work is based on the belief that more than medication is required to affect positive change. At Blackthorn trust we use our person-centred approach to help people who are at particular points of crisis in their lives. We offer specialist therapies and workshop activities at our unique facilities which include a large biodynamic garden, craft, kitchen & woodwork studios and therapy rooms.

Each year we support around 300 local people to manage their ongoing health conditions by enabling them to learn coping strategies that will help them to rehabilitate into the community and live as full a life as possible. Our programmes also aim to reduce social isolation and improve skills which will help with future employability. To find out about our programmes and how to access them, click here.

Blackthorn Trust also has a café, charity shop and plant nursery that are open to the public 10am to 3pm, Monday to Friday.