Arts Counselling promotes whole brain (right and left hemisphere) stimulation, which supports neurological balance and increase flexibility of perspective.

By supporting sensory processing through tactile exploration of artistic media, participants increasingly gain a more embodied sense of self and greater cognitive flexibility.

Each session involves an artistic activity to increase self-awareness, followed by a discussion and supported self-reflection. Engagement in artistic therapies provides a positive impact on quality of life by aiding the development of a positive identity undefined by limitations. Creative therapies are experienced as highly motivating, supporting participants to gain a sense of purpose which provides a positive impact on self-worth and satisfaction.

In therapeutic arts sessions, artistic media is used to support communication and provide a media for the externalization of somato-emotional expression. The experience of externalisation assists the transformation of implicit knowledge into an explicit coherent narrative via pictorial representation, therapist-supported self-reflection and shared insight.

In addition to the qualitative aspects, therapeutic arts also address physical and cognitive domains of functioning.

Our Arts Counsellor is Jeanne-Claire Bischoff PGDip Arts Couns., MCGI / MBACP: